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Buttercup's interesting Facts
Buttercup,  Ranunculus repens
Around 500 species exist.
Used by small children, holding the flower beneath your chin to see if you like butter or not.
The most common uses of Buttercups in traditional medicines are for rheumatism and fever.
They are poisonous if eaten. 
In U.S., buttercups are called coyote's eyes, because the legend goes that once a coyote was tossing his eyes in the air and catching them again. Then an eagle snatched them, the coyote was unable to see, and so he made eyes from the buttercup.
According to another legend, fairies are responsible for buttercups. When a group of fairies saw an old miser crossing a field with a sack of gold, they stopped him to ask for alms. Not wanting to share his gold, the old miser refused and continued on his way. However, the clever fairies cut a hole in his sack with a blade of grass before he continued on his way. As the he crossed the field, his coins dropped from the bag and were scattered among the grass. Buttercups sprang forth wherever the coins touched the earth.
They can symbolise neatness, humility, childishness, ingratitude and unfaithful behaviour.