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Fuchsia's Interesting Facts
Also spelled Fuschia, which as it turns out is an incorrect spelling as the flower is named after a well-known German botanist Leonardo Fuchs. So it is Fuchs-ia! I've been spelling it wrong for ages!!
First discovered on the Caribbean island Hispaniola around 1696 by a french monk called Charles Plumier.
There are around 110 species. 
All parts of the flower are edible, the fruit apparently tastes of citrus and black pepper. It can be made into a jam.
It is associated with West Cork and grows abundantly on the west coast along Cork and Kerry.
Native Americans used the roots of Fuchsia as a source of black pigment for colouring of wool.
Fuchsia can survive for hundreds of years. The oldest known Fuchsia was planted in 1899 and is still alive.