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If you've been on one of my workshops and thought you might like to continue on at your own pace at home then this resource page is for you. Here you will find all the tools, materials and books that you will need. You can purchase them from amazon via clicking the pictures. 


Kit, stained glass


Soldering Irons:


Soldering iron Soldering Iron, weller, Soldering iron stand, silverline,


All star, glastar, grinder

Other tools:

toyo glass cutter, glass tools Pistol grip glass cutter, glass tools fid, glass tools running pliers, glass tools grozing pliers, glass toolsflux brush, glass tools


fluxite, flux, paste flux, liquid copper patina,



Black Patina 60/40 solder solder, 60/40 solder

cutting oil copper Foil


Stained glass book Stained glass book Stained glass book