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5 reasons to start your Christmas Shopping Early!

Posted by Alison Byrne on

Alison from WildBird Studio drinking tea and looking smug

Look how SMUG I am in this picture, you'd think I had all my Christmas shopping done early! Well I hadn't, but that was in 2018 and it was a very different Christmas then.

For a stress free festive season 2021, it is highly advisable to get all your shopping done as early as possible for many reasons. 

  1. Small businesses can only do so much, so if you are shopping local (double smugness!) get in early as we might not be able to keep up with demand in December.
  2. The post is going to be flooded with parcels and will have massive delays again this year as people stick to their online shopping habits.
  3. There are massive supply chain delays even for us small businesses.
  4. Prices are increasing for raw materials because of these delays.
  5. Think how smug you can be with all your shopping done before December while everyone else is begging me for Framed Fuchsias and I've none left, you got the last one!

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So this Christmas Shop Local, Shop Handmade and Shop Early!

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