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The Glass Ceiling Collection

The Glass Ceiling is an ongoing series of portraits in stained glass celebrating exceptional women who have excelled in male dominated environments, breaking ‘the glass ceiling’. In a world where women are frequently judged by their looks ahead of their achievements, these Glass Ceiling portraits champion many inspirational females who have stood up and made their voices heard.

When light shines through stained glass it enhances the colours and details, bringing clarity and power to each pane. Arresting and awesome, the illuminations are created to resonate with emotion and  stop viewers in their tracks, encouraging them to linger a moment and consider these strong women.

Dr Jane Goodall is the first of this series. An exceptional woman who has inspired me since I was a child, I set out to identify quotes that demonstrated her struggle, humility, wisdom and intelligence. I then created her portrait using the copper foil technique of stained glass, using ceramic decals for the imagery. The piece is framed and backlit with LED lights.

Dr Jane Goodall, Stained glass, Dublin, Ireland, WildBird Studio, Gorrilla, Chimpanzee, Chimps, Monkeys,