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WildBird Studio - WildBird is one word with a capital ‘B’on bird and no ‘s’ at the end of studio. 




Alison Byrne is an artist, entrepreneur and educator. She graduated in 2008 from Wolverhampton College of Art, Uk with a BA in Glass Design. Her postgraduate study was at Bournemouth and Poole College Uk in 2010, where she graduated with a distinction in hot glass techniques. 


Alison is the founder of WildBird Studio, a stained glass workshop producing minimalist geometric lighting and giftware for the domestic market. She runs short classes in Block T for local communities and individuals, to experience and develop personal projects using stained glass techniques. She is currently the Vice Chair of the Glass Society of Ireland. 


Alison’s latest artistic project ‘Bean No Tí’ is focusing on the Housing Crisis and her personal journey to finding a home as a single self employed woman in her mid 30’s. The project is in its early stages but will be a combination of glass instillation pieces and digital documentation through the Instagram account @bean.no.ti.





Insta - @wildbirdstudio & @bean.no.ti


Tik Tok - @wildbirdstudio