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In 2016, I was commissioned to create an original piece of glass art for ARTzheimer's 'Light and Shade' exhibition at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght, where it remains on permanent display.​

The ideas behind this piece are nuanced and subtle. You can tell by looking at someone’s eyes whether they are present or not. You can see their experiences and life etched in their expression. The iris contains a lifecycle: family, childhood, love, education, birth and a home. These are the things we lose with Alzheimers.

The light behind the large eye flickers on and off in an incoherent manner, illuminating memories vivid and in focus before suddenly shutting off, breaking that link to memory. A single piece of mirror sits within the iris, reflecting our faces and showing that this could be our story too.


Below is a video by Tony Whelan from Canola Pictures for the exhibition.
Photography By A Little Idea Photography.