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5 Tips for preserving your wedding bouquet

Posted by Alison Byrne on

5 Tips for preserving your wedding bouquet


Wedding flowers in frame

If you're getting married or know someone who is, pressing the flowers is a really gorgeous way to preserve a bridal bouquet. Wether you want to work with us to turn them into a wallhanging or you have your own plans for them these tips will help you to successfully preserve your wedding flowers.

  1. You need to work fast!

If at all possible get those beautiful bridal flowers into books or a flower press that night or the next morning. If left for a too long they may dry out too much and when you try to press them they might start to disintegrate or if they've been kept in water they may start to rot. That being said sometimes you can get away with it so if the wedding flowers are still looking ok give it a go. 

  1. Books or a press?

Although we use presses which are great for pressing large volumes of flowers like we do, i actually think flowers press beautifully in books. The paper is really absorbent and everybody has a few books lying about! Do not use books with shiny, glossy paper. Once your wedding flowers are in the books, weigh them down by putting lots of heavy stuff on top of them.

If you do have a press, Great! You'll need to make sure you have single or, even better, double walled cardboard and an absorbent acid free paper to put your flowers between. Sugar paper or blotting paper are great options.


Wedding flowers in frame

  1. Which flowers?

All flowers can be pressed but some press better than others. If your plan is to put them into a frame like our 'Wallflowers' then you need to choose bouquet flowers that aren't too bulky and have hard stems, but if you are doing something else then press away, just remember to apply lots of pressure to them to avoid them going mouldy.

  1. How long to press for?

Ideally you would keep them pressing for at least 2 weeks. Although depending on the time of year this can vary, if its a cold and damp Autumn/Winter keep them in a little longer and in a nice dry room where there is a constant temperature.

If it is a nice warm and dry Spring/Summer then you can probably get away with pressing them for a shorter time. You can always check your wedding flowers and if you feel they need longer just pop them back in. 


Wedding flowers in frame

  1. Deciding what to do next?

Don't panic! The minute you get your bouquet flowers into a book or press you can relax. They will happily stay there for hundreds of years! Once pressed and fully dried out they are preserved and wont rot or go mouldy but over time their colour will fade. To avoid the fading keep them out of direct sunlight and in a dry room. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make your own thank you cards and add a pressed flower to the front
  • Use the flowers in resin projects like coasters
  • Display them in a vintage frame
  • Use them in a decoupage project
  • Add them to a journal or diary

 Enjoy pressing your Bridal Bouquet xx 

 Wedding flowers in frame

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