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How to commission a Stained Glass window in Ireland?

Posted by Alison Byrne on

Stained glass design of jane goodall

This is a handy  guide on what to consider when you’re thinking about commissioning a stained glass window, door or art piece.

Now, I get queries all the time and the number one question is,

‘How much does getting a stained glass window cost?


Navy fron door with clear simple stained glass with amber circles


This is the most difficult question to answer for a number of reasons.

  • First off the price of materials fluctuates massively, a single square foot of glass can be anything from about €5 to about €230! The cheaper glass is machine rolled whereas the more expensive is usually handblown glass.


  • Colour also plays a part in the cost of glass this does vary but, clear, greens and blues are on the cheaper end, with pinks and purples on the higher end and reds, oranges and yellows somewhere in the middle.


  • Then the other big factor is how detailed the window will be. Stained glass is very time consuming to make, so if there is lots of detail then that will increase the price. You can typically expect to pay at least €150 - 300 a square foot.*

*With the rising costs of everything in 2022 this is no longer an accurate estimate. I will update soon with a better reflection of costs.


Green geometric wedged shaped stained glass


So here are a few steps you can take to prepare before getting in contact:

  • Is to measure your area. This will help me to gauge the time scale of the project and it will help you anticipate the cost.


  • Hop onto google and search for images of stained glass that you like. Consider styles like contemporary or traditional and simple or decorative. See what colours and textures appeal to you. Keep these in a folder or print them out for later.


  • Consider the décor you already have in the room, is there a theme? What’s the colour scheme? Take a few photos of the area and put them with your research.


Now you’re ready to get in contact with me and the best way to do that is to send me an email hello@wildbirdstudio.com.

I will invite to you to come to the studio to look at samples of glass and discuss your design. I’ll take a look at the research you did and come up with some initial designs and sketches and a rough estimate of the cost and lead time. This initial consultation is free of charge.

If you then choose one of my designs and are happy to continue, I will finalise the design and send you the official quote. Once the deposit has been paid I will visit your site to take my own measurements if feasible.


It may seem like I don’t trust you or your measuring tape but believe me it’s better to measure twice and cut once!!


Once measured I'll create a full scale design which you will be more than welcome to come and look at in studio or I can send pictures. I do suggest coming to the studio so you can see the scale of it, look at your colour choices again and be really sure you are happy with it.


Rectangle of clear stained glass with a ribbon of multi colours flowing though it 

Once the Stained glass is finished and has been paid in full I will deliver it or it can be collected if you prefer. Glazing and instillation can be arrange at an extra cost with a third party or you can arrange this yourself.

And that is how you can order a stained glass commission!



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  • I’m in the orocess of researching either getting stain glass panels made for a new front door or getting old stain glass panels or an old door with stainglass panels. My midterraced home was built in 1901 so want a door with 2 stainglass panels to fit this period. My existing front door measures 34″ × 49″ and the skylight measures 34″ × 12.5″. Look forward to hearing back from you with some feedback and approximate prices I love sage green, cobalt blue, red and yellow. I also love the victorian and edwardian designs.

    Lucy BUCKLEY on

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