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Plastic free July

Posted by Alison Byrne on

Plastic free July
Hello eco warriors!
Today starts the beginning of Plastic Free July and I would like to mark it with a pledge: 
Plastic free july pledge
I have steadily been working towards being plastic free which is a daunting task in the glass business! Being without bubble wrap is terrifying but I found some products that work really well.
First off is the Renpak Geami wrappak, I got mine from Macfarlane Packaging but there are lots of places that do it. It is the No.1 best thing I did to make my business more green.
Renpak Geami Wrappak
It does a super job of protecting the glass on its travels, its slim doesn't take up half as much room as traditional bubble wrap and the whole lot can be recycled after its finished. Even though it is a bit pricier than bubble wrap it has eliminated my biggest source of plastic waste in the studio. 
The second is I've added a feature to my website that calculates the carbon from my shipping and once a month I pay to plant trees to offset that carbon. 
Other things I use in the studio are brown paper tape, swing tags and paper padded envelopes from Klee Paper
Brown tape
Klee paper are a super business based here in Dublin that have a huge range of environmentally friendly products. If you're looking to make your first steps this is by far the best place to start, they have everything from home, business, children, art and craft. 
So from here on in I hope to do even better by not driving to work but taking my bike!
Recycling the glass waste in studio by grinding it up and making new products from the glass frit.
By choosing companies that have strong environmental policies.
By always having my water bottle and reusable coffee cup with me. 
I try to be good and sometimes I fail but so long as each of us are doing a little and failing sometimes then we will all learn and improve and get there in the end until it is second nature. Don't beat yourself up just do the best you can and together we will save the world. 
Green forest

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