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What women want .... for Christmas!

Posted by Alison Byrne on

What women want .... for Christmas!

Guys, listen up! 

The women in your life will love these Wallhangings

You're probably not yet thinking of the C word, and I don't blame you, Halloween is barely behind us but when you do break into that all too familiar sweat in a couple of weeks 'FECK what will I get her?' I want you to think of us. 

We've got Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, or mother in law

You want to get her something that is thoughtful, right? Something special? Something a bit different? Maybe she has a favourite flower? Or does she love vintage?

These 'WallFlower' wall hangings cover all these bases and more. She will appreciate the thought and effort you put in to finding her something so individual, charming and delicate.

Don't buy her fresh flowers, buy her flowers she can keep forever!

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