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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at hello@wildbirdstudio.com


You’ll find a selection of WildBird Studio pieces for sale in many of Ireland’s coolest independent design shops.



Find, Cows Lane, Temple Bar

Raw Material, The Chocolate Factory

Om Diva, Drury Street



Wild Design, Paul Street, Cork

Forest & Flock, Bantry, Cork

Little Green Dot, Clonakilty



Made in Sligo craft collective, Sligo



Leitrim Design House



Handmade Design Studio, Mullingar 



Treebark store, Moycullen



Ardmore Pottery and Gallery, Ardmore 



The Mood Designs, Castlebar

Yes I do!

A private 1:1 class in my studio in Dublin 8 is €60 p/h. Usually taking about 3hrs depending on the goal of the session.

Private group workshops in my studio with a max of 10 people is €300 p/h. Minimum of 2 hrs but preferably 3hrs for a light-catcher or 6hr (full day) for a panel.

Private group workshops offsite with max of 10 people is €350 p/h plus accommodation costs if required. Minimum of 2 hrs but preferably 3hrs for a light-catcher or 6hr (full day) for a panel.

All materials and tools are provided.

Yes I certainly do!

First off there are some things to consider before getting your bouquet pressed and framed.

  • I need the bouquets as soon as possible after the wedding, next day is preferable, as they are beginning to wilt from the moment they are cut.
  • Roses are very bulky and I usually have to cut them in half to be included in a frame.
  • Be mindful of the size of flower versus the size of the frame you want.
  • White, blush and other pale colours tend to go brown.

I usually pick out 1-2 stems of each flower from the bouquet per frame (this can vary depending on how many/size of frame). You can take home the rest of your bouquet. Check out my blog for 5 tips to preserve your bouquet

Cost per frame:

  • Petite 8cm x 6cm - €45 (€35 standard)
  • Small 12cm x 8cm - €55 (€45 standard)
  • Medium 16cm x 12cm - €70 (€60 standard)
  • large 20cm x 16cm - €90 (€80 standard) 

If you want the whole bouquet pressed I charge €100 per bouquet plus cost of frame at the standard price. I can make as many frames up out of the flowers as you like and you keep any pressed flowers that are left over.  

If you have more questions please feel free to get in touch.

Yes I love commissions!

Big or small I love to take on commissions.

If you are thinking about commissioning a large project there are some things to consider and the main one is cost! 

Stained glass is not cheap, the cost of materials varies massively depending on colour and brand (Not to mention all materials are rising in cost right now). Which makes it very difficult to estimate how much something will cost before knowing a rough idea of size, colour pallet and design. So these are great details to have when you want to discuss your project further. If you have a budget for your project I can usually adapt the design to fit it. 

Check out my blog post on How to Commission Stained Glass for everything you need to consider. 

Im always happy to chat if you want to see if your idea is feasible.

Not usually. 

Most people coming to me for repair work are looking for 'Leaded Stained Glass' repair, which is a different discipline to what I do. I was trained in Copperfoil aka Tiffany Stained Glass which is a more modern style of Stained Glass. Although I don't usually repair Tiffany Glass either as I wasn't trained in restoration, I will however take a look and tell you if I think I can or cant fix it. I will fix any of my own products of course.

A handy website to try is The Irish Glass Road where you can search for glass artist all over the country. It has information about what each glass artist does including repair work. 

If you're unsure of what type of glass you have send me a picture of it and I can advise you on the best course of action.